Colonial students comment on Seahawks winning Super Bowl 48

In Metlife Stadium, the two best teams from the 2013-14 NFL season, the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks, played for the Vincent Lombardi Trophy.

The first play from scrimmage turned out to be a safety. While Peyton Manning was calling a play change to his line, center Manny Ramirez  snapped the ball over Manning’s head to be a safety. From then on, it was an awful game for the Denver fans, as their team lost 43-8.

Charlie Parent of class 4G said it was the worst Super Bowl he had ever seen because it was a complete blowout with the two best teams of the season playing. The Denver Broncos could not cap off a record-setting season.

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Jack Meyer (4G) said, “I was very angry and surprised when the Broncos were losing 33-8 in the third quarter.” He thought it was the center and Peyton Manning’s fault that the Seahawks had the lead.

Matteo Johnson (4g) said, “Broncos in your face.”

It was the first time the Seahawks won the Super Bowl in franchise history.