Kids pick favorite Olympic sports (from March print newspaper)

The Winter Olympics started on Feb. 7 and ended on Feb. 23 in Sochi, Russia, and included sports that people love and do.

Do you remember the Summer Olympics in London only two years ago? Well this time the 2014  Winter Olympics were in the spotlight, with tons of fans in the crowds rooting for their countries.

In the beginning of the Olympics, the Russians sang a whole lot to show their excitement to be living in the state in which the Olympics happened. A talented little girl flew through the stadium on a string and stole the show as she sung with her beautiful voice in an astonishing costume.

When they tried to light the rings up though… Yikes! One of the rings didn’t light up. That was a bummer for the Russians, especially because of the money involved.

Anyway, back to the sports, who wants to play them and the gold, silver and bronze medals people won.

Lila Caminiti (5H) said that if she had to pick a sport to play in the Olympics it would be skeleton or figure skating. Her favorite competitor  from the Olympics was Ashley Wagner, a bronze medalist in figure skating.

Many other people are fans of the sports and athletes in the Olympics. Jamie Burke’s (5S) favorite Olympic sport was speed skating. She liked  skater Mitch Whitmore, a gold medalist.

Those are some people that admire athletes in the Olympics. But did you know someone in our school has a family member in them? Well someone does! Harrison Sylver (5H) has a cousin in the Paralympics. He skis and is a really good athlete. 

This story appeared in the March print edition of the Colonial Times.