Fourth graders go to Spotlight Gymnastics to end a unit

SPOTLIGHT GYM — In fourth grade PE, the students have been doing a gymnastics unit for weeks and weeks. They have been learning skills, creating routines and practicing.

A few different skills they have learned are tripods, head and handstands, cartwheels and round-offs. To end the unit, the gym teachers took the classes to Spotlight Gymnastics.

“I liked the trip because we got to do the gymnastics part that we practiced at school,” said Eleanor Moraes (4M).

At the gym, the kids rotated around different stations practicing completely different things. At the beam, they did stuff like cartwheels, forward rolls, and some people got to do front flip offs.

At the bars station, the kids practiced flips and were taught a new skill by the instructor. The basic instruction was put your hands on the bar, stick up and flip. Everyone must have been at least a little scared.

At the tumble track, the students practiced jumps, including straddle, straight and cartwheel. And finally, at the floor station, they did cartwheels and rolls.