Fourth-fifth grade rec basketball teams record only two losses among four squads

COLONIAL GYM- The Colonial girls and boys are currently in the middle of their basketball season, with two teams for the boys and two for the girls. All four teams are playing well with a total of only two losses among all four teams.

Jack Meyer (5H), who plays on Colonial Boys White, said, “The teams are fair and it is working for all of the kids, but some people are complaining.”

Ava Pedorella (5M), who plays for Colonial Girls White, said “I am used to playing with fifth graders, and we don’t get to choose our teams. My team ends up with lot’s of fourth graders.”

Some people aren’t happy with the line ups.

James Halvorson (5V) of Colonial Boys Red said, “The teams aren’t fair. One of the teams has only one or two players that are good enough to score.”

Eileen Mazzaro (5H) of Colonial Girls Red said, “The teams are fair, but if a team loses they start complaining that they are unfair. And all the fourth graders are on one team.”

Here are the rosters and records:

Colonial Girls Red (4-0): Ella Miller, Eileen Mazzaro, Tisya Sharma, Irina Farrell, Viviane Privat, Caroline Michailoff, Charlotte Nanda and Georgia Russello.

Colonial Girls White (4-1): Larisa Breskin, Katie Bratone, Scarlett Bratone, Cate McLean, Kate Girolamo, Maya Spunberg, Ava Pedorella and Paige Felgner.

Colonial Boys Red (3-1): Matteo Johnson, Alesio Johnson, James Halvorson, Theo Massie-Vereker, Josh Handelman, James Halvorson, Danny Gallivan, Tommy Cole, Luke Quartoraro, Sean Diaz-McCarthy, Aidan Murphy and Brooks Clarke.

Colonial Boys White (5-0): Alex Esteverenav, Thomas Shelton, Jack Meyer, Charlie Parent, Sam Long, Zach Long, Jackson Shampanier-Bowen, Charlie Schellhammer, Nicholas Sarcinella, Erik Elbery, Stephen Hartmere and Shep Solimine.