All three fifth grade teams excited for fifth grade basketball championships

COLONIAL GYMNASIUM — With the Colonial School fifth grade basketball championships just a day away, all three of the teams are getting psyched and ready.

At first, the league consisted of nine teams, each fifth grade class having three teams. The three teams played each other until the class finals. The winner of each class final went on to the grade championships.

Since the Exploding Pineapples (5V) have the best record in the league, they automatically advance to the final game. The Red Demon Champions (5H) and the Fire Breathing Gummy Bears (5M) face off in the first round of the championships. The winner plays the Exploding Pineapples.

All of the teams are prepared, and most of the players are confident.

Matteo Johnson of the Exploding Pineapples said, “I am happy and excited that we made it to the grade championships. I am very confident that we will win.”

Irina Farrell, a Fire Breathing Gummy Bears player, said, “I don’t really care, and to me it isn’t really a big deal.”

Erik Roksvold of Red Demon Champions said, “I am confident. I know that we will play well against the first team, and we have a plan to take down the second team if we get there.”