Exploding Pineapples take victory for fifth grade basketball championship

COLONIAL GYM – On March 9, the fifth grade basketball championships of Colonial School took place. Here, three teams competed to win. Those three teams were the Red Demon Champions (5H), the Exploding Pineapples (5V) and the Fire Breathing Gummy Bears (5M). Since the Exploding Pineapples were top in matter of points for the league, they advanced to the final game automatically.

The first game was between the Red Demon Champions and the Fire Breathing Gummy Bears. The points kept going back and forth. The Demon Champions would score, then the Gummy Bears. It was only a matter of who wouldn’t have the chance to score last in the time allowed. The score ended 10-8, with the Red Demon Champions the winners. They had to face off against the Exploding Pineapples.

The championship was an action-packed game. There were great passes and shots. Although the Demon Champions played hard defense and had great passes, the Pineapples took victory.

Exploding Pineapple players: Rowan Proffitt, Viviane Privat, Amélie L’Henaff, Ella Miller, Jack Lunz, Theo Massie-Vereker and Matteo Johnson.

Overall, everyone did great. All of the games were well played. All three teams were very hard workers with great players.