American Pharoah: The first Triple Crown winner in last 37 years

Every year, three different big horse races take place. The first one is the Kentucky Derby, the second is the Preakness, and the third is the Belmont Stakes. If a horse wins all three races, then he or she is the new Triple Crown winner. So far in the world, there have been only 12 Triple Crown winners.

In 1978 (37 years ago), Affirmed won all three races. Last year, there was one horse that won two out of the three. This year, American Pharoah, ridden by jockey Victor Espinoza, put on a big show at all three races and took home the Triple Crown title.

The Triple Crown started in 1919 with Sir Barton. With a time of two minutes and seventeen seconds, the horse set a world record for the Belmont Stakes. The next Triple Crown happened 11 years after that, with Gallant Fox. Becoming a Triple Crown winner is hard.

American Pharoah set a mark in history. Being a thoroughbred, he has been racing since he was two and won the Triple Crown at three years old.

“In the first turn, it was the best feeling I had ever had,” Espinoza told reporters.

At the end of the race, American Pharoah and Espinoza had finished in two minutes and twenty-six seconds, making the sixth fastest time in Belmont history. Espinoza is the oldest jockey to ever win and the first Latino jockey to win.

Some horses are made for racing, such as Secretariat. Secretariat was one of the most memorable Triple Crown winning horses in history. Secretariat was considered one of the finest horses in the world. The final race, the Belmont Stakes, started off with him head-to-head with Sham, but then Sham started losing his energy and fell back. Secretariat gained a huge lead and the distance between him and the other horses was incredible. His time for the Belmont Stakes was two minutes and twenty-four seconds and he beat the other horses by 31 lengths.

Overall, American Pharoah has done a great job by taking the title of 2015 Triple Crown winner. Maybe another horse will be just as good as Secretariat someday. Becoming a Triple Crown winner is hard, but it isn’t impossible. Who knows who the next winner will be?