Fifth grade P.E. volleyball sees A Team and Charlie’s Angels in lead in their classes

COLONIAL GYM — The fifth graders have started their volleyball season in physical education. First they played three preseason games and then started playing an eight-game regular season.

In 5S, the standings are:

  • The A Team, 5-2
  • The Underdogs, 4-2
  • The Flaming Monkeys, 1-6

The A Team’s losses came to the Flaming Monkeys, who are last in the standings, and the Underdogs. The Flaming Monkeys are not out of contention, though. If they beat the Underdogs in the final game of the regular season, they have a chance at beating the A Team in the class championship and winning the grade championship

In 5H, the standings are:

  • Charlie’s Angels, 5-3
  • The Volleyballerz, 4-4
  • The Legendary Lions,  2-4

The Volleyballerz were the favorites, but Charlie’s Angels have been playing great and are poised to win the class. The Legendary Lions still have a shot at winning it all.

Charlie Johnson, captain of Charlie’s Angels, said, “I think the volleyball program is very fun, and it gives kids the opportunity to lead and cooperate with their peers.”

“Mrs. Bagwell is a great teacher, and volleyball is very cool,” said Alessandra Oteria-DeGloria.