Colonial sports fans pick Eagles as Super Bowl LII champions


COLONIAL — Super Bowl LII is coming this evening!This is the NFL’s 52nd Super Bowl. The game is between the Patriots and the Eagles. The Pats are led by Tom Brady, five time Super Bowl champion while the Eagles are led by stellar backup quarterback Nick Foles.

The Eagles are the number one seed from the NFC. They thumped the Vikings in the NFC Championship 38-7. The Patriots, also one seeded, beat the Jaguars 24-20 in the AFC Championship to make it to the big game.

A Colonial Times poll of 60 fifth and fourth graders found the majority think the Eagles will triumph in the big game. Thirty-seven fourth and fifth  graders picked the Eagles to win and 23 the Patriots to triumph in the big game.

Jules Moss (4M) said, “I want the Eagles to win, and I know they will!”

Ben Sasson (5S) said, “I think the Patriots will win, but I wanted the Jaguars to win because they were the underdogs and their mascot was a Jaguar that lived in Florida.”

It’s the Eagles versus the Pats. Both great teams. It sure will be a great game. Tune in tonight to see the Super Bowl.