Fifth graders enjoying volleyball season in physical education

COLONIALS GYM — Volleyball season is a very exciting time of the year, with the fifth graders off to a good start and everyone having a great time.

There are three teams per class.

“I like volleyball, though we need more work in our season,” Will Russello said. “Mrs. Bagwell is doing a great job with our teams.”

Rowan Egan said, “It is great. We are in second place behind the Tigers. Also it is fun, and I have a great team. We work together really well.”

“Volleyball is really fun, but I think that Mrs. Bagwell should give us more practice time,” said Lily Reid. 

The three teams for 5S are the Tigers, the Volleyball Victims and the Pink Tigers, while the teams for 5H are the Bunnies, the Flaming Doorknobs, and the Best.

Audrey Davis said, “My team is in first place, and I like my team. Mrs. Bagwell is making the season really awesome, and I enjoy playing.”

Anjali Shekher said, “I like it a lot because my team is trying their hardest even though we have not won a game.”

“I like it because my team is good, and I have lots of friends on my team,” said Darcy Clarke. “Also, I wish Mrs. Bagwell could let us switch places if we don’t want to serve.”