Corporate communicator visits Colonial Times

COLONIAL SCHOOL — Gail Belmuth has been working in corporate communications for 25 years and came to talk to the Colonial Times staff on March 24 about what she does.

Ms Belmuth, whose daughter Cece is in 2C, said at some times she was a political communicator and at others a corporate communicator. She has worked in Russia and in South America.

Corporate communicators explain why you should buy a company’s items, a company’s stock or take a job there, she explained. Some people in corporate communications write, and others send emails and letters and talk over the phone.

They try to achieve objectives and reach their audiences, she told reporters in the Colonial Times newsroom. Corporate communicators always have a communication plan. They implement the plan, measure all the progress, and adjust the plan as necessary.

Workers in communications deliver their information using the Internet, articles, brochures, reports, speeches, videos, podcasts, webcasts, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and blogs.