Top Chef fifth graders make cultural food for fourth graders

COLONIAL SCHOOL GYM — The fifth graders let the fourth graders taste their delicious food from all around the world on April 27 at the Cultural Top Chef festival.

The food included churros, rice pudding, banana bread and Haitian cake. All the food was amazing, so everyone loved it. Of course, it wouldn’t be a school event unless there was writing to go with it. So each student did a chart with the name of the dish, who made it, where it comes from and how you cook it. Some posters had pictures of the students preparing their recipes.

“I made Brazilian chocolate cake,” said Robert Moderelli, 5G. “It’s just like regular cake except you bake it in a bunt pan.”

The fifth graders did the project because they have been studying cultural diversity. The posters for the foods were hung in the second-floor hallway.

All and all, the food was really good. Some people did not get to taste some of the foods, it was so delicious.