Fourth grade sees moves at Ballet Hispanico

NEW YORK — The fourth grade went to see Ballet Hispanico on May 23, and the group danced to “Tres Cantos” with music by Carlos Chavez Lorenzo and choreography by Talley Beatty and “Mad’moiselle” with choreography by Annabelle Lopez Ochoa. The company also performed “Tito on Tambales” with music by Tito Puente and choreography by William Whitener.

The fourth graders took a bus to New York City and went into Aaron Davis Hall at Harlem Stage. At the end of the show, all of the dancers said their name, where they were born, and why they like to dance. There was even a woman from Japan in this Hispanic show.

“I like to dance because I like to be around the ladies,” said one of the performers. “I like to dance because I like to turn,” said another.

The fourth grade was also supposed to go to Central Park to eat lunch if the weather was nice, but it wasn’t. So the students came back and ate their lunches in their classrooms.

“The PTA wanted the fourth graders to have some cultural diversity,” says Mrs. Lombardi, one of the fourth-grade teachers.

A few days after the field trip, the fourth-grade classes went to Pelham Memorial High School theater and learned dances from two of the people who were actually in the show. The two met with different classes. At the end, each class got split in half into teams to do the dance.