Orchestra sings to fourth graders at Carnegie Hall

Orchestra sings to fourth graders at Carnegie Hall

Carnegie Hall main entrance.

THE BUS DRIVE TO CARNEGIE HALL — The fourth graders met the orchestra at The Orchestra Sings program during a field trip to Carnegie Hall, located at 881 Seventh Ave. All Pelham schools went on this trip.

“All the Pelham music teachers decided to get together and bring the students to Carnegie Hall,” said Mrs. Abeshouse, the music teacher for Colonial School.

All the Pelham fourth graders knew the song “I Bought Me a Cat,” and when it was announced that’s what would be sung, all the students from all the different schools cheered. The Colonial fourth grade chorus performed that song on June 9 at their own concert, along with “Oye” and “To Make Words Sing.” The fourth grade was quite excited and maybe a little nervous.

“I liked how the kids could play recorders and the graphics during ‘I Bought Me a Cat’” at Carnegie Hall, said Mrs. Abeshouse. “I hope that it taught students how to listen to the sound. I hope it got them excited and they had a great experience. I think students liked it very much because they told me before I asked. I’ve been taking them to Carnegie Hall for ten years. The kids have always loved it.”

Added Mrs. Lombardi, a fourth grade teacher at Colonial, “I liked it very much. The reason why is that they geared the program to children so the audience could understand, and they made it interactive. In fact, I was so impressed by our fourth-grade recorder players playing along with the Carnegie orchestra.”