Second grade learns Creative Movement from choreographer and Mrs. Bagwell

COLONIAL GYM — Second grade Creative Movement was taught by Ms Homer and Mrs. Sara Bagwell, current PE teacher, on Oct. 28.

Mrs. Bagwell said she likes to do this program. “Ms Homer is a professional choreographer,” she said. “Each second grade class is learning about communities and each class did a different community for their dance. The PE part fits in with movement education, what they learn in PE from Kindergarten to second grade.”

The second graders were put into groups and each had to find a way to get onstage. It’s called a movement sequence or a range of motion.

All of the kids seem to love this program.

“It’s really fun. You get to run all around,” said second grader Isaac Leff of 2C.

“ Yeah,” agreed James Findikyan, 2H. “You get to move.”

Greta Fear, 2H, liked it “because Ms Homer is nice, and you get to do all these fun movements.”

The different classes all practiced alone. Each class did a different theme. 2H did urban or city dances, 2C a suburban dance, and 2G a rural dance. Creative Movement is part of the PTA’s Cultural Enrichment Program.