Halloween parade changes because of snow storm, danger from tree branches

COLONIAL PLAYGROUND — This Halloween, the school changed the parade. Instead of walking around the block and into the playground, students walked out the back door, took a lap around the blacktop, and walked back into school.

The reason the parade changed was because of the October snow storm and the fact there was danger from trees next to the sidewalk.

Mrs. Wilson had a loud speaker to announce some of the costumes. We had skeletons, vampires, and even a Twister board and a horse. A lot of the outstanding costumes were announced.

“I liked when we walked around the block because I thought this way was too crowded,” said Henry Driesen, 5V.

But Peyton Rees, 5G, said she “liked it better this year because we got to have a longer party because (the parade) was shorter.”

Every grade had a Halloween party with fruits and treats and some had a movie. This Halloween was different, but fun.