Fifth Grade Girl Scouts in Troop 1666 go horseback riding in the Bronx

BRONX EQUESTRIAN CENTER — Girl Scouts in Troop 1666 went on a trip here to ride horses. The girls each got to ride their own horse on a trail ride that took about an hour.

The troop split up, with half going on a Saturday and the other half on a Sunday. On each day, all the girls attending got to ride together.

“It was scary at first, but I got used to it,” said Julia Loughman, 5G.

“I’m used to horseback riding because I went over the summer, but when I started then it was scary,” said Tess Darrow, 5V. “My favorite part of the trip was being with my friends.”

The girls were taught to control the horses and had fun with their horses while doing it.