Colonial students trick-or-treat a total of $1,750 for UNICEF to help kids of the world

AROUND PELHAM — Trick or Treat for UNICEF is a great fundraiser that Colonial School tries to do every year. On Halloween night, kids went trick-or-treating asking for not only candy, but also money for UNICEF to help kids in need.

My mom, Lucia Fernandez-Davila, organizes this campaign for the school. Our goal this year was to raise $1,500. When we got home from Colonial and counted the UNICEF boxes, we found there were more than 250 of them. We reached and surpassed our goal. Colonial School students worked hard to collect $1,750.03, which is almost 50 percent more than last year.

The money raised is enough to purchase eight “school-in-a box” kits for 640 students so they can learn anywhere. The boxes include teaching materials, text books, student slates, backpacks for kids and a lot more.

My sister and I also made home-baked cookies to sell at UNICEF, which is where my mom works. We went around encouraging people to buy the tasty treats. We decided not to put a price on the cookies, which was a good strategy because we sold all of them. And we received more than what we expected.

We also decided to sell home-made organic popcorn during Rec Soccer games. We picked soccer games because there are lots of hungry players and families that need a tasty snack before or after the games.

I want to give credit to three good friends who helped with the UNICEF projects in different ways. Lynn Dvorkin helped open and sort the boxes. Julia Rosenberg and Sophia Leung helped sell the popcorn.

“The Trick or Treat for UNICEF campaign is a wonderful opportunity to help kids around the world achieve a higher quality of life,” said Ms Fernandez-Davila.