New Kindergarten teacher Ms Shkreli is on an adventure with her students

CLASSROOM KS — Ms Sophia Shkreli is a new Kindergarten teacher at Colonial. She has already been teaching for eight years, including preschool for two years and second grade for six years.

“This is my first year teaching kindergarten, and I love it,” she said.

On the first day of school, Ms Shkreli remembered thinking, “I hope they like me as a teacher and will go home happy at the end of the day.” She said she was also excited on the first day of school because she knew her students were going to learn new things along with her, so it was kind of like an adventure for her.

As a Kindergarten teacher, she enjoys telling stories the most. She also realizes that learning values such as being good to your friends, respecting elders and being kind to animals all start in Kindergarten.

Ms Shkreli said Colonial reminds her of a large family that works together to create an environment.

“Teaching Kindergarten could also be stressful,” she said. “The most stressful thing is to get students to go from one activity to the other while having fun.”

“Social studies is my favorite subject to teach because I can observe how my students respond by using their vocabulary and look at their opinions on life,” she said.

Here are some things her students said:

  • “I like her because she is the best teacher ever, and she does fun stuff like projects,” said Zoe L’Henaff.
  • “She’s nice, and she reads funny stories,” said Max Evans.
  • “She’s good at drawing and is good at putting things together,” said Will Crotty.