Mrs. McNamara talks to fifth graders about heart, shows how to do CPR

FIFTH GRADE CLASSROOMS — Mrs. Holly McNamara came to talk to the fifth graders about the heart. Mrs. Meryeme Gashi has been teaching all the fifth graders about the heart.

Mrs. McNamara showed the students how to do CPR with practice dummies. All the fifth graders got a chance to try performing CPR. She also brought in a couple of 3-D models of the heart.

Mrs. McNamara is a nurse and parent of Lindsay (5Gold), Carly (4M) and Grace (KS).

“I love how Mrs. McNamara let us do a hands on project,” said Francesca Di Cristofano (5G). “It was great how we used the dummies.”

The visit was an excellent learning experience for everyone.

Dr. Todd Evans also came in to teach while the students we’re learning about the heart. You can read an article about that here.