Fifth graders become inventors, then show off ideas in a convention


An invention explained in the library.

COLONIAL LIBRARY — Fifth graders showed their inventions to their parents during the Invention Convention on Jan. 6.

“It’s a very difficult project,” said Mr. Alexander Ventura, fifth grade and social studies teacher. “And it gets students to connect what they learn about economics with the real world. It’s also a very creative, open-ended project.”

Tess Darrow, whose team invented The Infinity Chair, said, “The fun times were choosing an idea.”

The world can finally read about the marvelous inventions after the fifth graders worked hard on their projects. Here they are:

  • The Weather Gate by Luca, Katie H., Adie and Daniella. The Weather Gate is a water proof sock that you can wear in the water, as the sock is waterproof and warm.
  • The Velcro Hanger by Lucy, Hayley and Julia. Silky clothes fall off wooden or plastic hangers, but with a hanger covered in velcro, they do not. It comes with two circles you can attach to the jacket and remove if you want to wash it.
  • Magno Earrings by Maddy, Maggie and Francesca. Earrings that have magnets so you can change the jewel and where you don’t have to take out the full earring. You just take off the magnetic charm attached to it.
  • Happy Pappy by Ian, Samuel and Ryan. Happy Pappy is a hat that you can turn into a pillow so your neck won’t hurt during a plane ride.
  • The Sharpencil by Grey, Jon and Ben. The Sharpecil is a sharpener built into the pencil. It prevents disturbing the class when taking a test or using your pencil for anything.
  • The Quad-Container by Patrick Z., Julian, Richard and Dylan. A rotating CD holder designed to help handicapped, elderly or a regular person to store CDs without bending down.
  • The Warm1 by Helena, Arden and Claudia. Hat, gloves and scarf all connected with helpful details such as tiny holes so you can eat, text and more, and pockets in the hat for earplugs, money, iPod and more.
  • Bye Bye Blisters by Sidney, Emma and Carolina. Bye Bye Blister is a see through sock that has padding so highheels hurt no more.
  • The Storage 9,000 by Rafael, Grant and Ashhab. The Storage 9,000 are pants with huge pockets to prevent you from being a hunchback. You can fit eight books in one pocket.
  • The Infinity Chair by Tess, Jenna and Scarlett. A chair with a locker underneath, a hook on the back, a pillow and a football.
  • The Inchworm by Daniel, Patrick W. and Bayden. A shoe that grows when your foot grows.
  • The Sticky Clippy by Siobhan, Alex and Kristina. An alarm clock that can stick anywhere.
  • PB+JP by Sam, Henry, William and Max. A pouch with a separation in the middle so you can evenly squeeze out the peanut butter and jelly.
  • The M.E.P.L. Pouch- Manon, Elizabeth, Peyton and Lindsay. A bag that attaches to your waste and is tight so you can put your books in and they won’t fall out. There are also small pockets for items such as pencils, erasers, pens and more.

Now you know the inventions. When they’re in stores, you’ll know just the ones you want.