SuccessMaker 3 worker comes to 5G to answer questions about learning software

CLASSROOM 5G — Ms Baig from the company that makes SuccessMaker came here to answer questions students had about SuccessMaker 3, software that helps teach math and English.

Success Maker 3 is a new version of SuccessMaker. The older SuccessMaker Enterprise handles only math, while SuccessMaker 3 has math and English.

Some students thought that in Enterprise every animal a user acquired represented a level of how advanced you were. “It’s not like that,” said Ms Baig. “You don’t have to worry about levels.”

When you get to a certain point in English in SuccsessMaker 3, you go to this place called Reading Portal. In Reading Portal, you get to pick a background, and when you read a story, you have to click on little notes. Math is the same as in Enterprise except sometimes you get choices to do problems in a special way.

“Sometimes in the math section, the program doesn’t offer the scrap paper, so it’s hard to figure the problems with big numbers,” Ms Baig said. “If you are in the computer lab, I suggest that you bring a pencil and a piece of paper.”

When you go on SuccessMaker 3, don’t get too angry if you mess up. Tell yourself that SuccessMaker helps you get smarter.