Tests increase for fifth graders as they get ready for middle school

PELHAM SCHOOL DISTRICT — Tests for fifth graders increased noticeably from fourth grade, and the question for some students is: why?

This year, there have been social studies tests, science tests and math tests every couple of weeks, and spelling tests weekly. There have also been standardized CTP4 tests for middle school, and in April, there will be the standardized New York State tests in math and English.

“I know that in the New York State tests, there is going to be one more day of testing,” said Mrs. Meryeme Gashi, a fifth grader teacher. “In CTP4, the students shouldn’t have been stressed. There wasn’t any way to be prepared. It was only for middle school.”

“Fifth grade is different from the other years,” she continued. “They increase the tests for middle school. Then again, they increase the challenges each year” for students.

Julie Loughman (5G) said “there are definitely more tests because we’re older. Also because we are preparing for middle school.”

“We are also required to do some tests,” added Scarlett Reavey (5G).

Some students believe the increased testing creates stress. Students know they need to do the New York State exams, and CTP4 is for the teachers in middle school.

There will be fewer tests after the state exams, to the relief of some students. Make sure you check Colonial eChalk to see if there are any tests coming up.