Pennies for Patients collecting many pennies, nickels, dimes; fundraising ends March 30

COLONIAL GYM — This year, Pennies for Patients started on March 7 with a town meeting at 2:15 pm. At the meeting, students saw a video and a small presentation made by the Student Government. They also showed the boxes the student government made.

“We have prepared for probably a few weeks, and it payed off a lot,” said Maggie Solimine, Student Government vice president. “My expectations for this year are more than last year, which was a lot. And I hope people can realize the importance of Pennies for Paitents.”

At press time, 4M was in the lead to win the pizza party for the class that collects the most, but the final count was not in. Check your Colonial Times for updates. For those of you that want the pizza party, collection for the cause ends March 30.

But that isn’t what Pennies for Paitents is about. Hopefully our school will raise a lot of money, but until collections end, we won’t know. So, until then, keep donating.