Second graders put on performance of musical show ‘Free to Be You and Me’


Second grade performance of “Free to Be You and Me”

COLONIAL GYM — The second graders of Colonial put on a performance March 16 of the musical “Free to Be You and Me.”

The directors were Alexis Grausz and Julie Schwartz from Random Farms Theater in Tarrytown.  This was their first time working in a school. The play “Free to Be You and Me” was originally written in the 70s.

“We grew up with this play,” said Julie Schwartz. “It was different because we are used to being on a stage, have costumes, using microphones and lights. But now we get to teach theater to kids.”

The kids sung many songs, including “Glad to Have a Friend like You.” Each class also got songs to sing by themselves. Another song was “Free to Be You and Me,” which they sang together at the beginning of the show. In that song, some boys and girls got small solos.

Ms Piera Hattar’s class sang first. Mrs. Hattar’s class started off with a part where the girls chanted, “What are little boys made of, made of? What are little boys made of?” Then one boy came out and said, “Skin and hair, and love and care. That’s what little boys are made of.”  The boys did the same as the girls, but said this instead: “What are little girls made of, made of? What are little girls made of?” A girl came out and answered, “Skin and hair, and love and care. That’s what little girls are made of.” They also sang a song about how they’re not afraid to be differerent.

Mrs. Jacy Gerhardt’s class also sang together. The girls got to sing a song about what moms do and how they’re great. The boys in 2G sung about their dads and how they are great. Also, groups of about four said lines about how they won’t let anyone tell them what to do. The song was pretty much about what grown ups do.

The last class was Mrs. Claire Cavalli’s class. A few kids came to the front and spoke about different noises: “burp, slurp, bang, clang, ding-dong.” When the rest of the class came on, they talked about how to eat food. They sang a song about a boy named William who wanted a doll. The song had different characters, like his friend, his cousin, his older brother, his father and his grandmother. At the end, he got a doll and went around high-fiving everyone.

Performing “was good,” said Gracie Howey, 2H. “I liked doing the song ‘It’s All Right to Cry.'”

“Good and bad,” said Eileen Mazzaro, 2H, of the performance. Her favorite part was “being a principal” in a scene before the song “It’s All Right to Cry.”

The second graders practiced for weeks, and they pushed through the difficulties, pulled it together and made a fantastic show.

The show was a huge success for the students, parents, siblings and the kindergarten and first grade classes that attended as guests. Almost all the parents had their phones or cameras out. That’s how amazing the show was.

Some kids in the play included Kate Girolamo (2C), Kyle Skop (2H), Tyler Chang (2H), Arden Gerhardt (2C), Nicholas Manthei (2G) and Erik Roksvold (2C), and many more.