Fifth graders go to middle school to check out what it’s like to be a sixth grader


Colonial Times file photo

Changing classes can be good practice for when fifth graders attend Pelham Middle School.

PELHAM MIDDLE SCHOOL — The students of the fifth grade classes 5G, 5GL and 5V walked here in the pouring rain Monday to get to check out the sixth grade life.

Mrs. Mary Goldszer, a fifth grade teacher, said highlights of the visit were “getting to walk through the hallways and looking into the classrooms and seeing all the interesting lessons being taught.”

The students got some tips for the year ahead of them as well as rules and a treat for surviving the walk there—chocolate chip cookies.

Ben Glickman (5V) said he liked “how they let us talk to sixth graders, and I also liked how they showed us the classes were in sections.”

“I enjoyed watching the sixth grade science class,” said Grey Allen (5GL).