Fourth grade goes to Philipsburg Manor on educational field trip


Fourth graders learned much on Philipsburg Manor trip.

SLEEPY HOLLOW — The fourth graders went to Philipsburg Manor on April 20 for a field trip.

They got to go to places like the mill, the manor house, the barn and a building that women used to sew clothes in. It was a very educational field trip, but also very fun for the kids with a lot of hands on stuff.

Philipsburg Manor was owned by the Philips family. A lot of farming goes on there as well as  making flour because they grow a lot of wheat. The fourth graders even learned how to get the seeds to make flour out of the wheat.

The manor is surrounded by water and was also a trading center. The students learned about sewing lamb’s wool. Some students even said it was one of their favorite field trips in fourth grade.

“I thought that the barn was really cool when we got to thresh the wheat,” said Ava Knapp (4C).

Kids also got to see the place where slaves used to work and sleep. They got to look at everything and smell everything and also learned facts like the Phillipses were big traders.