Mr. Martucci’s favorite subject is math; he brings fun to learning it

CLASSROOM 4M — Mr. Ron Martucci has been teaching fourth grade at Colonial School for 11 years, first grade for three years, and sixth grade for one year. He started teaching in September 1995.

Mr. Martucci said math is his favorite subject to teach “because I have been teaching for it for a long time and liked it as a kid.” He recently moved from New York City to here in Pelham. “I like it better here in Pelham than the city because I can walk everywhere to all different places,” he said.

He has two sons named Joe and Ben and a wife named Kate. Joe and Ben are twins and are about to start Kindergarten in the fall.

Mr. Martucci is very patient with the class, gives extra recess, is very organized and helpful.

“Mr. Martucci makes everything fun,” said Anna Shampanier -Bowen.

In math, Mr. Martucci gives the class a graded paper to crumble up. He then calls up each student, and each gets a chance to aim at the hoop with the paper ball. If you get it in from the double line, you add ten more points to your score, and if you aim from the triple line, you triple your score. Mr. Martucci also has a squishy ball, and the class plays several games with it during math.

“For once, he makes school exciting,” said Ani Feinberg. “He is awesome.”

“Mr. Martucci has a great sense of humor compared to other teachers,” said Matyas Spunberg.

Get ready third graders because if you get Mr. Martucci, you will have a blast. Here’s what some third graders said:

  • “I want to get Mr. Martucci for next year because there are only two boy teachers in Colonial, so I at least want one of them,” said Maddie Gallivan (3D).
  • “I want Mr. Martucci for a fouth grade teacher next year because my brother had him and he is awesome,” said Juan Carlos Matos (3-D).