Year in review: Animal hats year’s biggest trend (One Direction, ‘Annoying Orange’ boss too)


Tess Darrow in one of the many animal hats spotted this year.

COLONIAL SCHOOL — In school, there are a lot of trends during the year. Probably the most popular items this year were the animal hats. Winter hats made to look like yetis, monkeys, penguins, frogs, pandas, bears of all sorts, lions, tigers, giraffes and beavers were seen on the heads of many students.

Let’s see what was popular in the different grades of Colonial School.

In Kindergarten, the boys liked “Thomas the Tank Engine” books and toys, iPads, superheroes, “Star Wars” movies and TV shows and playing in the dirt with the worms. Kindergarten girls liked sparkles, princesses, Barbie dolls and hand games that included Miss Mary Mac, I Went to a Chinese Restaurant and Patty-Cake.

They also enjoyed stuffed toys, specifically Build-a-Bear animals that you help create.

“I really like drawing with my friend Avery on play-dates,” said Brooke Luce (KS). “Also, I like to play with Barbies.”

In first grade, the kids liked electronics such as iPods, iPads and TVs. They liked playing four square. The boys enjoyed soccer, kickball, basketball, baseball and practically every other sport. Boys and girls all said they were into the animal hats.

“I like playing sports with my friends at recess,” said Donald Hoeltge (1C).

In second grade, girls enjoyed wearing cute tops with jeans, drawing pictures, climbing all over the monkey bars at recess and wearing dresses. Boys liked playing sports and having fun. All the second graders liked Samba sneakers and—no surprise—those animal hats.

“In my class, we like to draw,” said Eleanor Moreas (2H).

In third grade, kids were into the new movies that come out, “Annoying Orange” YouTube videos, fashion, hair feathers, “Harry Potter” books and movies, and, oh yeah, animal hats. They also liked Moshi Monsters, which are monsters you adopt on a website and take care of, and Squinkies, soft squishy animal things you collect.

The fourth graders enjoyed the “Animal Jam” online game, One Direction, “Hunger Games” books and movies, “Harry Potter” books and movies, Nike sneakers, animal hats and sports.

The fifth grade girls liked hair feathers, sports and One Direction.

The boys were into “Linsanity,” Apple products, ball tag, capture the flag and sports. Everyone liked “The Hunger Games” and animal hats.

Every grade has different interests every year. And then there are those animal hats.

Sam Rodd also contributed reporting to this story.

(This story was originally published in the printed year-in-review edition of the Colonial Times.)