Fifth graders go to Ring Homestead Camp to learn trust and ride zip-line


Fifth graders helped each other over the wall as they learned to be a team.

RING HOMESTEAD CAMP — The fifth grade started out the team building on the field trip here by dividing into groups of 10. The point of the field trip was to learn to work together.

The activities were tower climb, zip-line, trapeze, tightrope, rock climbing, tire climbing, trust fall, giant swing, spider web, rope climbing and balance beam.

“This is going to be awesome!” exclaimed Rory Gerhardt.

Almost everyone did the zip-line, even Mrs. Wilson, the principal. Some kids went upside down. Students had to wear helmets for everything except the balance beam. The fifth graders were also harnessed with a rope and a second even stronger rope. During the tower climb, kids had to pull each other over the wall of the tower.

For the trapeze, you climbed up a web then switched to the tree with pegs in it. Then you climbed on to the platform and… JUMPED! Don’t forget to try to grab the bar.

For the tire climbing, there were a bunch of tires strung together with two cables.

During the trust fall, you stood on a five-foot platform. Your friends stood underneath with their arms interlocked together.

“Ready to fall,” you yelled.

“Ready to catch,” the catchers said.



To do the giant swing, you sat on the swing and held on to the rope. Your classmates pulled a rope to launch you. Then they let go and you went flying.

The field trip was a great experience and really helped bring us as a grade together.