Fifth grade takes field trip to St. Paul’s Church to learn about life during Battle of Pell’s Point


A commanding officer saluted a colonial soldier while Colonial fifth graders watched.

MOUNT VERNON — The fifth grade went to St. Paul’s Church National Historic Site to learn about the Battle of Pell’s Point.

The fifth graders marched up and down like solders all day long. They learned what it was like to be soldiers, slaves and women during the Battle of Pell’s Point.

“It was really interesting to learn that Pelham was a part of the Revolutionary War,” said fifth grader Anna Shampanier-Bowen.

First the fifth graders of Colonial School got off the bus and were greeted by a man in a costume holding a white flag. He led the fifth grade through the grave yard and took them to the church.

When they got into the church, they learned how the people in colonial times entertained each other by playing music. They also learned how the Battle of Pell’s Point started and who was fighting who. In the battle, the British and the Hessians were battling the Yankees. The British sent about 200 ships to fight the Yankees.

Then the students heard about the African-Americans and the hard times they faced. After that, they were greeted by a Continental soldier and taken to fight in the Battle of Pell’s Point. The fifth grade students were led by their commanding officer and taught how to be a soldier. They used sticks as rifles and learned that it wasn’t easy being a Yankee soldier. For example, if you mistook your left from your right, the commanding officer would hit your left or right foot with his rifle.

It was fun for the students because they got to experience the perspectives of the soldiers.