New rules for popular $100-dollar-word competition in Mr. Martucci’s class


CLASSROOM 4M — Fourth grade teacher Ron Martucci has a lot of siblings of students from previous years this year and decided that they had an unfair advantage in thinking up $100 words. Last year and previous years, the words had to be $100. Now the words have to be $101 to $105, said Mr. Martucci.

In the game, each letter has a value based on its position in the alphabet, and words must add up to the required amount.

“I wish he hadn’t changed the rule,” said Julia Davis. “I think just $100 would be easier.”

“I like the bigger range from $101 to $105,” countered Aidan Resnick. Last year, many people got $90 to $99  words. Aidan said that he does not  get many $90 to $99 words now, but he does get a lot of $100 words that don’t qualify.

Some of  the $101 to $105 words were fuzzy, addition, buzzing, telephoned and zeppelin.

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