People like recess for many reasons, including football, walking around and the equipment


The slide and other parts of the Colonial playground equipment.

COLONIAL PLAYGROUND — Many people like recess, and they like to play different things.

Some people like football because it is rough. When you play it, you can play hard with friends. But some people don’t like it because of that same reason.

Other students just enjoy walking around and talking because it’s simple and affectionate. And others don’t like doing that because of that same reason.

Zoey Campos (4C) said she likes to walk and talk with others instead of play football because she thinks football is kind of boyish for her.

The thing most people like doing at recess is playing on the equipment, which is hard to understand because that area is so small and the blacktop is so big.

As you can see, there are a lot of rules and different stuff going on at recess. Who knows if some activities may or may not change.