Colonial fifth graders learn about CPR from Mrs. Holly McNamara


Mrs. Holly McNamara taught the fifth grade about CPR.

CLASSROOM 5H — On Dec. 13, the Colonial fifth graders gathered in Mrs. Piera Hattar’s classroom, where Holly McNamara was going to teach CPR. In science, the fifth graders have been learning about the circulatory system. Since CPR is related to this topic, Mrs. McNamara, who is a nurse, came to talk about it.

First, Mrs.McNamara showed everyone a video of a beating heart. It was pumping up and down. Each student had a different opinion on the video.

Guy Eustace (5V) said, “It looks like lava!”

Mrs. McNamara then handed out a song that helps her remember the parts of the heart. Next, she explained more about the hard working organ with her models. She borrowed the school’s AED and told us how it works. First, you take off the person’s shirt. Next you put the machine on the person’s chest and the machine will do the rest of the work.

When Mrs. Hattar was asked what she liked about the visit, she said, “Everything. It was awesome!”

The last thing that occurred during this amazing visit were the dummies. Basically there were fake people, but only the top part of the body. After Mrs. McNamara demonstrated, the fifth graders got in groups and practiced CPR. The first step is to call for help. The second is pump in the right place, which is in the center of the chest. Next, tilt their head back, pinch their nose, and then blow breaths into their mouth.

Many students liked this experience.

Andy Radvany (5V) said he liked “the heart video.”

Ani Feinberg (5H) said she liked “the dummies.”