Founding editors return to Colonial Times newsroom to talk about working on paper

The founding editors of the Colonial Times with the plaque naming them Colonial School’s 2011-2012 Outstanding Journalists.

COLONIAL LIBRARY  — Ten of the founding editors of the Colonial Times returned Dec. 10 to talk about their experiences working on the newspaper. The current editors and reporters learned something about the newspaper from this group of sixth graders.

“Mr. Zahradnik was always trying to convince us that pen and paper is better than technology,” said Francesca Di Cristofano, one of the paper’s news editors last year.

Lindsay McNamara, who served as a community editor, said the editors learned about time travel and wrote letters to their sixteen-year-old selves that Mr. Zahradnik plans to mail to them.

Most of the editors said that going on field trips, the club parties and newspaper editor meetings on Wednesdays were the best parts of being in newspaper. One editor even said that getting things done was the best part.

“Getting stuff on the Pelham Patch” website, said Sam Rodd, who was a community editor last year.

The founding editors gave advice to this year’s staffers, including never forget your reporter’s notebook and to get your interviews done. Also, they advised to always remember your password for the website.

At the end of their talk, the editors typed a code into the search box of the Colonial Times website. The code is 01000111. When you do, it will take you to a story all about the founding editors.

The paper’s first editors laughed a lot during their talk and were having a good time. The editors were the newspaper club’s first guest speakers this year, and they very exciting ones.