Winter concert features orchestra, band and choruses performing great songs

COLONIAL GYM — The Colonial School winter concert happened on Dec. 12 with performances by the orchestra, band and fourth and fifth grade choruses.

The wonderful concert started with the orchestra led by Ms. Marcia Bean. The orchestra did a great job and finished with applause from the audience.  After the orchestra was over, the fifth grade band came in to present their impressive performance of two songs. The fifth grade band also ended with grand applause from the audience. Next, the fourth and fifth grade choruses each sang songs and then joined together to perform several holiday songs.

Orchestra member Sophia Leung (4C) said, “I loved being able to show off my talent in front of everybody.”

Brett Bober (4C) said, “I like orchestra because I like learning all of the songs.”

Finally, Charlotte Mangelsdorf (4M) said she “liked performing in the concert.”

The fourth grade chorus sang three songs. The fifth grade chorus walked in and sang two more on their own. When the fifth grade chorus finished, the fourth and fifth grade choruses came together to sing four wonderful songs. The audience gave them a grand applause and the show was over.

The audience liked both the fifth and fourth grade choruses. I am sure they are looking forward to their next performance already.