Colonial students spend the Super Bowl watching with friends and family

PELHAM — Many Colonial students spent Super Bowl night with family.

This year, the 49ers and the Ravens faced off in the Super Bowl in New Orleans. Many people spent it in different ways.

Some people just watched the game. Others had a party.

“My grandmother will come over, and we will have a small party,” said fourth grader Jacob Hartmere before the game. “We will watch the whole thing.”

“My family had nachos, shrimp, chili, wings, chips, and cookies,” said fourth grader Michael Micciche. “We watched the game until 10:48 pm. The 49ers made a huge comeback!”

During the game, Jacoby Jones scored a 108-yard touchdown, which was tied for the longest touchdown in NFL history.

“I just watched it at my house,” said third grader grader Ally Hart.