NBC producer Sue Simpson talks to newspaper club about hard news and feature stories


COLONIAL LIBRARY — Sue Simpson, a producer at “NBC Dateline” and Colonial parent, visited the library and told the Colonial Times reporters about her job.

She showed a video called “Digital Detox,” where three 20-year-old girls were asked to go without technology for two weeks, unless they needed to use it for an emergency.

Ms. Simpson also talked about hard news and feature stories and how to define them. She talked about the key reporter words: Why, where, who, what, when and how.

“I think hard news is easier to write,” Ms. Simpson said. As an example, she said radio station 1010 WINS does straight-out hard news.

The reporters pretended that they were sent to interview the director of “The Hobbit.” They pretended to ask the director if he read the book when he was young.

Mrs. Simpson also spoke about hooking people into articles.