Richard Zacks talks to Colonial Times reporters about his books


COLONIAL LIBRARY — Richard Zacks visited Colonial School on Feb. 4 to talk about writing. He is the author of “Pirate Hunter: The True Story of Captain Kidd” and a few other books. He has written five books in total.

Mr. Zacks said his favorite is “Pirate Hunter.” This book is about Captain Kidd’s life and how he was accused of being a pirate.

Another book he wrote is about Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt. This book is about Mr. Roosevelt trying to change New York City when he was police commissioner. It’s called “Island of Vice.”

Mr. Zacks’ first story was a newspaper article on painting houses. He also invented a first grade newspaper when his daughter was in elementary school. The top story was about a 50-foot-woman attacking the city.

His next book is about Mark Twain (aka Samuel Clemens). Twain went on tour and did speeches and comedy to raise money after he went broke. Get ready for the next book!