Pelham Girl Scouts learn from selling cookies, and always have lots of fun


PELHAM — Every year starting in February, the Pelham Girl Scouts start making phone calls, setting up booths and knocking on their neighbors’ doors. Many girls sell more than 100 cookie boxes during this time.

The girls learn a lot by selling these cookies, and they always have lots of fun.

The scouts interviewed said they loved everything about selling cookies. It’s really fun, and in April, when the cookies are delivered, so many people find them delicious.

“We get to sell cookies to our neighbors and we get to have fun,” said Haley Wall from Junior Troop 1664.

Kate Smith, also from Troop 1664, said, “My favorite thing about selling Girl Scout cookies is probably either (being able to make) cookie donations or being able to go around the neighborhood selling cookies and seeing everyone.”

Girls also get to order for themselves, and the scouts interviewed said the caramel-chocolate-coconut-covered Samoas and the mint-chocolate Thin Mints are their favorites. Last year, they also got excited about the 100th anniversary cookies: the lemon-zesty Savannah Smiles.

“The girls learn to set goals, talk to customers and be responsible for managing money,” said Troop Leader Kathy Ellis. “They also enjoy eating cookies.”

So, next February, watch out for the Girl Scouts and their hope for you to buy some cookies.