Mid-year printed edition: Fifth graders give their view of time so far

FIFTH GRADE CLASSROOMS — Fifth grade students created their own inventions and are learning about interesting subjects like how blood works.

“We will be teaching blood disorders in science, then making an essay of it,” said Mrs. Piera Hattar.

Both classes will be doing that since it is science. Fifth graders switch for science and social studies.

“Someone came in to teach us CPR,” added Ms. Hattar.

In reading, students in fifth grade are being asked to think about theme and the meaning of text. In science, they’re also covering the respiratory system. When they’re doing their critic’s corners and current events, they are supposed to use graphic organizers.

“Fifth grade is very interesting,” said Grayce Cooper (5H).

Ms. Hattar said she hoped her students would learn how to use all of the operations in math fluently.

One big project that happened for the fifth graders is the Invention Convention.

Mr. Alex Ventura said, “The invention project is my favorite project because testing out ideas is fun. Also because it would be cool to invent my own thing.”

“I am so excited for the Invention Convention,” said Meredith Heller (5V).

Added Ella De Young (5V), “It’s fun to learn new things that I haven’t learned before.”

In fifth grade, kids switch classes for two subjects. Mr. Ventura teaches social studies for both classes, and Ms. Hattar teaches science to both.

The teachers give the classes free time or extra recess depending on how their classes have behaved. With Mr. Ventura and Ms. Hattar, the second half of the year sounds like fun.

But not everyone is worried about what’s coming next. “I haven’t really thought about the future and what we will be doing,” said Morgan Orlando (5H).

(This story was originally published in the mid-year printed edition of the Colonial Times.)