Mr. Martucci’s class celebrates 20 Growl rings, 100 book reviews with sports and game day

CLASSROOM 4M —  Mr. Ron Martucci’s fourth grade class celebrated getting 20 Growl rings and writing 100 book reviews on Feb. 25 by having a sports/game day and eating ice cream.

Growl rings are plastic bracelets classes receive for being good. When the class gets a certain amount, they get to have a party.

While some kids played football, a bunch of girls played basketball and others sat on the benches and played on iPads, iPhones, iPods, tablets and Kindle Fires.

Since it was sports day, your reporters asked a few people who their favorite athlete was.

“My favorite athlete is Usain Bolt,” Lauren McNulty (4M) told The Colonial Times. “I can’t wait for the party to start.”

The party finished at the end of the day, and the students went happily home.