Mid-year printed edition: First graders study math, motion, writing

FIRST GRADE CLASSROOMS — First grade students and teachers talked about what the students have learned in the first half of the year. The first graders have been learning valuable skills in math, reading, social studies, spelling, science, writing and much more.

In science, “the first graders have been learning about motion, rotation, stability and balance,” said Mrs. Anita Adolphus.

Stability is when something is strong or stable. Motion is when an object moves or changes its position. Rotation is when the earth spins, and balance is when someone or something is upright and steady.

“Science is fun because we get to go outside,” said Kate Gristina (1A).

What about math? The first graders have been learning adding and subtracting.

“I like math because we get food when we do a problem correct,” said Lauren Ulto (1H).

The first grade is starting to learn data analysis, wrapping up addition and subtraction and how to count to 100 and up.

“It’s easy and fun,” said Ashley Pignatello (1C).

The first graders have been writing small moments in their writing workshops.

“I like writing because we do a lot of writing,” said Matthew Michailoff (1H). “We get to do a lot of writing celebrations, and we get to eat cookies at the celebrations.”

The first graders have been writing non-fiction stories and brainstorming things they know a lot about. Non-fiction writing is writing that is true and is fact based.

The first graders are learning comprehension strategies in reading to help them understand what they’re reading. They are focussing on non-fiction books.

And finally social studies. The first graders have been learning about economics and needs and wants.

 (This story was originally published in the mid-year printed edition of the Colonial Times.)