Mid-year printed edition: First year at Colonial fun for youngest ones

KINDERGARTEN CLASSROOMS — It is the middle of the school year, and most of the kids are all settled into their classrooms. For these students, it is their first time in an elementary school.

Some Kindergartners were still a little worried to go into school without their parents or guardians. Usually it is normal for the kids to do that because it is new for them. Some of the kids get a little scared since they are the littlest kids in the school.

Many Kindergartners said it was scary but fun at the same time to start Kindergarten.

I spent some time with the little Kindergartners and asked them how they felt about their first year at Colonial so far. Most Kindergartners were enjoying their school experience in Colonial, especially their teachers.

“I love my teacher because she is really nice, and she teaches us new things,” said Leela Basu in KH. “On the other hand, when it is rest time, we all have to calm down.”

Surprisingly, many of the kids said they love rest time because it is fun for them and they get to rest while listening to stories. But some Kindergartners don’t love the break.

Will Dunhill (KH) said, “I don’t like rest time because you are not active and don’t do anything.”

So let’s make that one Kindergartner who doesn’t like rest time and laying down while listening to stories.

The Kindergartners have received friendly helping hands since the beginning of the year. These helping hands come from their fifth grade buddies, who were assigned Kindergartners and play with them during recess. The buddies helped the Kindergartners get around the playground and lunchroom in a fun way. The buddies teach the Kindergartners how and what to use on the playground. In the buddy program, the most important key is to have fun.

“The buddy program is a fantastic idea because the fifth graders are great role models, and they also have a nice bond with the Kindergartners,” said Mrs. Kathleen McCarthy, one of the Kindergarten teachers.

Laura Gin (KM) said, “I like the buddy program because I get to see what a fifth grader does, and it is fun to play with older kids.”

Everybody does fun projects in Kindergarten but the best project is building candy houses.

(This story was originally published in the mid-year printed edition of the Colonial Times.)