Mid-year printed edition: Fourth grade looks at planets, division, immigrants

FOURTH GRADE CLASSROOMS — The fourth grade teachers and students reviewed their year so far and talked about what is going to happen in the months to come.

Teacher Ron Martucci wants to work on studying the Winter Solstice. He thinks learning Dad, Mom, Sister, Brother division is important. (That’s a way to remember what to do in long division: divide, multiply, subtract and bring down.) The five paragraph essay is also important for students to practice.

In 4C, Mrs. Claire Cavalli has been teaching the students about the sun, moon, Earth and Native Americans.

“After eighteen years of teaching, I love teaching science and reading,” said Mrs. Cavalli.

The students will learn about immigration. Many students really like the idea of dressing up as immigrants and playing pretend for the exciting Immigration Simulation.

Most 4C students picked Ellis Island of the different activities they are doing. None chose the astronomy topic. Eight kids said they liked the in-house field trip and learning about Native Americans from the visitors.

“I really liked the in-house field trip about Native Americans,” said Natalia Cherner, 4C.

In 4M, seven kids chose Ellis Island, two Recycle Raceway and zero the five-paragraph essay and one Native Americans.

“I liked the Native American in-house field trip,” said Ava Shotkowski (4G). “I want to learn long division.”

“I’m learning about the moon phases,” said Antonio Mollura (4G).

(This story was originally published in the mid-year printed edition of the Colonial Times.)