Mid-year print edition: Food donated to help those in need

COLONIAL SCHOOL — Have you ever heard of the Colonial School food drive? In the food drive, you can donate food to the people in the area who don’t have any food to eat every day like you do.

Some people don’t have money to buy all of the food that they need. Imagine you are starving. Would you want people to give you food? Well, if you would want to get food then you should donate food too. That’s why the food drive held every winter at Colonial School is such a good idea.

If you donate food, you will go to bed knowing that you made someone happy because they got a meal from you. Every year, Colonial School faculty and families have donated plenty of food for the food drive, and that streak continued with the drive this year. Colonial School has collected about 20 boxes of food each year.

The food drive has been run by the New York State United Teachers (NYSUT) for over 20 years. Mrs. Claire Cavalli, a fourth grade teacher and a vice president of the Pelham Teachers Association, has been organizing the food drive at Colonial for about 10 years. The drive is also supported by the Colonial student government.

Mrs. Kim Norman, the student government advisor and Colonial librarian, said the food drive is a worthy cause and she has been doing the food drive for three years.

Connor Kagel, a student government class representative for 5H, said, “I think the food drive is a good idea because it helps people.”

Chris Carey, vice president of the student government (5H), said, “The food drive is a good idea because everybody gets a meal.”

Inside and out of school, everyone likes the idea of the food drive.

Morgan McLean (5V) said, “The food drive is a great event  because people without money get food.” Most people in student government all had similar reactions to the idea the food drive.

This year for the food drive, Colonial School faculty and families filled 20 boxes with food, and the total of food from all of the schools in the district this year was about 100 boxes of food. The food drive collected $320 worth of food, or 5,650 pounds of it.

The food goes to the Food Bank of Westchester, which distributes more than 5 million pounds of food to more than 100,000 people in Westchester County who need food. Every piece or can of food that was donated by Colonial families will be consumed.

According to the Food Bank for Westchester’s website, the food bank “is the backbone of the county’s emergency food distribution network. It solicits, acquires, warehouses and distributes food to over 225 frontline hunger relief programs throughout the county.”

Now because of the food drive, there are fewer people in the world who will have to worry about  getting food to eat. The food drive donates every piece of food that is gained to the hungry people of Westchester County.

People at Colonial contributed canned goods and food in plastic containers. The drive also collected beauty and health products including shampoo, conditioner and toothbrushes and toothpaste. The food drive could not accept glass jars or boxes because they can be easily opened or broken, allowing their contents to  contaminate the other food.

The Food Bank for Westchester said its goal is to help adults who have lost their jobs or who are underemployed or working at jobs for less than minimum wage as well as senior citizens on fixed incomes, and children and the disabled in need.

I hope you donated, and if you did, thank you.

This story originally appeared in the print edition of the Colonial Times.