Mid-year printed edition: The scoop from second grade


Colonial Times file photo

A classroom filled with students and furniture before Covid-19.

SECOND GRADE CLASSROOMS — This is the scoop on the second grade, including what they are doing here at school, how they are being graded, how they are feeling and what is the big picture on their projects.

Mrs. Jacy Gerhardt, one of the two second grade teachers, said, “We try to equal out our schedule, but overall we try to focus on reading and writing because they can also do the other subjects while also doing the lesson.”

“I would hope that my kids pay attention because second grade is a very important grade,” Mrs. Gerhardt said. “I try to make the lessons fun by doing something called Cafe, which centers on reading and writing.”

Antonio Golfo in 2G said he does find class fun. “I think the most fun project we did was making our own soda.”

Mrs. Sophia Shkreli, the other second grade teacher, said she also seeks to make the learning fun. “I try to make sure the students have an all around experience with knowledge. I also try and sneak in life lessons that will help them forever.”

“Yes, I do think the kids have fun,” she said. “During the lessons, I think it’s important to try to find a way to make a lesson have more than one subject. I also try to alter lessons in books and websites to make them more fun for the kids.”

Richard Radonis in 2G said “class is fun.” He also liked the soda-making project.

Nikolas Roman in 2S said, “The most fun project that we have done lately is making a paper box.”

That answers all of the questions except for one: How are they being graded? The answer is quite simple. They are graded like all the other kids in Colonial School on a scale from 1 to 4.

(This story was originally published in the mid-year printed edition of the Colonial Times.)