Mid-year printed edition: Third grade works hard on science, social studies and math

THIRD GRADE CLASSROOMS — As soon as you enter Mrs. Kathleen Dragan, Mrs. Joanne Lombardi or Mrs. Johanna Kagel’s third grade classrooms, you immediately see busy students filling out worksheets or doing  fun projects.

Just like any other grade, third grade is learning science, social studies and math.

In ELA, the students have recently finished personal narratives and are now focusing on poems. One of the poems they have been working on is the body poem. They have to describe their eyes, mouth and face.

Reading is very important in third grade. Students should be able to read a chapter book by the end of the year. For now, the classes have something called chapter book reading buddies. Students are put in pairs. The partners read together and take turns.

Science is a very much enjoyed subject in the third grade. After learning about nutrition and digestion, they are heading in the direction of learning about the earth, including the equator, hemispheres and oceans.

Third grade students were also introduced to drop-in-the-buckets, which are worksheets they work on often for math and ELA.

Social studies especially becomes huge toward the end of the year when the kids learn about Powerpoint and make one based on what they know about Brazil. Right now, though, map skills are what the teachers are teaching.

During the whole year, there are many, many things to learn in math. But multiplication is the most important thing to know. Mrs. Kagel said it’s very important to know “the facts.”

Mrs. Dragan said writing was her favorite subject.

“I love children and I love the curiosity third grade children have,” said Mrs. Kagel.

(This story was originally published in the mid-year printed edition of the Colonial Times.)