Zoom zoom: Come to fourth grade’s recycle raceway and learn science


Colonial Times file photo

Recycle racers built by Mr. Ron Martucci’s class in 2013.

FOURTH GRADE CLASSROOMS — Kids in the fourth grade are doing a science unit on simple machines. They will be making race cars out of recycled material and racing them as an end-of-the-unit activity to prove they understand what they learned.

The recycle raceway will be held on April 12.

Students Jamie Burke and Jack Murphy agree that it’s good to recycle and the project should be fun. Other kids don’t know about it yet, so it must be a surprise.

Mr. Ron Martucci, one of the fourth grade teachers, said there will be prizes for the fastest car and the longest distance. He said you must make a car completely out of recycled material.

The science unit is on simple machines such as an inclined plane and the wheel. This project also concludes another unit on forces and motion so it is a 2-in-1. Kids will be using wheels, inclined planes and certain energy in building and racing their cars.