Fourth graders go to Picture House to learn to make movies on immigrant experience


PELHAM PICTURE HOUSE — Lots of kids enjoy acting; some even want to start a career in it.  The Colonial teachers and the teachers at the acting school at the Pelham Picture House on Fifth Avenue are working together with the fourth grade students.

The students are taking one class per week for four weeks this month to learn to make movies about the immigrant experience.

The first class was about acting. In this class, kids developed a character who was an immigrant from the 1800s to 1930s. These immigrants came from many different countries such as Australia, Germany, Ireland, Italy, England and Scotland.

In class two, the students used their character to make a movie.

Class 4G called their film “The Tough Journey to America.” 4M called theirs “The Voyage,” and 4C titled their film “A New Beginning.”

The students dressed up as their characters and acted in the silent films.

The third class at the Picture House was about screenwriting. The students got to write their own scene on immigrants coming into America.

“ I think it’s great,” said CeCe Caldwell (4M). “I love theater work. I’m excited for the next couple of weeks.”

Ms. Beth at the Picture House brought in different teacher every week to focus on different parts of movies and animation. Ms. Beth taught acting,  Ms. Stephanie taught filming, and Ms. Mimi taught screenwriting.

Matthew Cannella (4M) said, “It was really fun and interesting. I loved making the film, and I love playing my character Matteo from Italy.”

The Pelham Picture House was a really fun experience. Students hope they can do it again.